There’s nothing more important than water on Earth–and we all need it to live. Why not provide thebest quality water to your family? Your professional Aquachamp Dealer is trained and certified to install, service and support your equipment. Aquachamp Dealers are armed with top-notch support and innovative solutions, factory-trained to address all of your water quality concerns.

Your Aquachamp Dealer will test your water’s hot and cold water lines to determine the quality of your water and whether any particular contaminants exist.  The water treatment professional will also analyze your plumbing fittings and fixtures, and assess any other water usages in your home.

If your home has hard water, an Aquachamp Upflow Conditioner might be the best choice. Sometimes, however, homes require an Aquachamp Filter unit as well. Among other things, Aquachamp Filter units can treat taste, odor and unpleasant taste found in your water supply. For instance, many municipal water supplies chlorinate the water. An Aquachamp Taste & Odor Carbon Filter eliminates that chlorine taste and odor. Using a different technology, an Aquachamp AIO system uses air induction to treat contaminants like iron found in water.

An Aquachamp Reverse Osmosis drinking water system is the ultimate method for removing unwanted contaminants in drinking water. These drinking systems force out virtually any remaining impurities in water, often delivered in a separate drinking water tap at the sink.

Finally, while the Aquachamp Ultraviolet GDS UV Light systems are designed to sterilize the water. UV light adds nothing to the water. Rather, an Aquachamp UV system will simply kill any bacteria and other microorganisms as they pass through. These systems are comprised of a steel chamber into which the ultraviolet lamp is inserted, using the natural spectrum of light found in our atmosphere to kill impurities. Aquachamp UV systems destroy 99.99% of microorganisms.