Aquachamp saves you money

Conditioned water saves you money as it adds so much to the quality of your life. Some of the benefits of Aquachamp soft, conditioned water include silky hair and smooth skin because the conditioned water rinses clean without soap residue.

Laundry comes out cleaner, fabrics look brighter and feel softer with Aquachamp conditioned water. This makes clothes stay fresher and last longer.

Beverages, soups and foods taste fresher and ice cubes are better because the iron and manganese are removed with Aquachamp conditioned water.

Hot conditioned water cleans dishes, glassware and silverware completely, leaving them sparkling and detergent-free.

Uses Less Salt

  • Continuous brining
  • Self-adjusting brine level
  • Self-adjusting brine treatment

Uses Less Water

  • Regenerates only exhausted resin
  • Regenerates only when necessary

Use Less Soap & Detergent

Cleaning with conditioned water is more efficient. That’s because the minerals found in hard water get in the way of the soap doing its job!

Extends Life of Pipes, Appliances and Water Heaters

Conditioned water prevent harmful scale and buildup in pipes and appliances. In fact, some household appliances even require conditioned water in order for their warranty to be valid. Aquachamp conditioned water not only tastes and feels better; it saves you money!