Improve the taste of coffee, tea, and other drinks. Eliminate ugly stains in tubs and sinks. Enhance the flavor of prepared foods. Maximize the efficiency of appliances and extend their life. In some instances, hard water is not a factor in the quality of your water. Taste, odor, staining – these may be the problems you face. If so, you may need an Aquachamp whole house filter system to improve the quality of your water. Indeed, there are invisible, odorless and tasteless contaminants in you water which can be removed by an Aquachamp filter system using the right media.

Whether you have city water or well water; iron, rust, sediment or other contaminants; or you just know it’s time to improve your family’s water supply, the fully customizable Aquachamp filter series offers an option for you. Among the Aquachamp filter systems available are:

  • Carbon to remove bad taste and odor
  • Chloristat to remove chlorine, commonly found in city water supplies
  • Sulfastat to remove sulfur and the resulting “rotten egg” odor often found in well water
  • Catalytic media to eliminate rotten egg smell caused of hydrogen sulfide
  • Backwashing filtration system, such as acid neutralizer with plugged dome-hole for easy service for acidic water
  • Air-Injection Filter that utilizes a unique method to oxidize dissolved iron, manganese or sulfur, and a filtration media to effectively remove contaminants]

Each Aquachamp filter system is individually designed to address the water quality of your home.

Possible Problems in Your Water

Rust stainsIronKDF-85, Birm, Filox, Air injection
Black stains ManganeseFilox, Air injection
Green stainsAcidic waterNeutralizing crushed marble, Flomag
Taste & odorChlorineActivated carbon
Rotten egg odorHydrogen sulfideKDF-85, Centaur
NoneVOCsDual activated carbon

Filter Media Info

Carbon Activated carbon used for chlorine and taste & odor removal by adsorption. Its mesh size allows treatment with the least amount of flow loss, and filters particles 20 micron and higher.

Centaur A unique catalytic activated carbon that combines a fine pore structure and high catalytic activity for enhanced adsorption of contaminants.

KDF-85 A bi-metal, copper-zinc material used for iron and hydrogen sulfide removal. Iron is reduced and hydrogen sulfide is oxidized in this oxidation/reduction process. Often used to control bacteria, algae and fungus growth.

Multi-Media Layers of gravel, garnet, sand and anthracite of differing densities to act as a sediment depth filter. This media mix can filter particles down to 15-20 microns.

Neutralizing Crushed Marble A sacrificial media that dissolves in acidic water and reacts to create a neutral water. This process adds some hardness to the water.

Flomag A reactive sacrificial neutralizing media for substantial pH correction or high flow conditions.

Filox A catalyst filter material used for hydrogen sulfide, iron and manganese reduction by oxidation and filtration.

Birm An efficient and economical treatment for dissolved iron. Acts as an insoluble catalyst to enhance reaction between dissolved oxygen and iron.

Filter-AG A light weight plastic sand with excellent filtering capability and requiring lower backwash rates.