The Aquachamp line of products began in the 1990s, established as a dealer-focused proprietary line to provide the most efficient water conditioner on the market. All Aquachamp Upflow Conditioners feature Counter-Current Technology, which means they use clean, soft water for regeneration, and Upflow Variable Brining–a combination that saves money spent on both salt and water, while producing the best water available.

The Best Soft Water

What does this mean? In short, Aquachamp Upflow Conditioners offer the most effective way to regenerate, requiring only the exact correct amount of resin needed to bring it back to a full charge. No other technology uses as little salt as this method. Moreover, this upflow, or countercurrent, brining method provides softer water and allows dramatically less waste water.

More and more these days, people express concern about excess use of salt and water during the regeneration phase of water conditioners. Traditional softeners use a substantial overdose of brine-rich water to remove hardness (i.e., calcium and magnesium) from the resin bed. As a result, excessive water and salt use is common with a resulting increase in cost.

Upflow Conditioning

The Aquachamp Upflow Conditioner, however, reverses the direction of flow in the process and precisely controls the ratio of brine and water in relation to the softening resin.

With traditional softeners, brine used to clean (regenerate) the resin bed enters the control valve at the service entrance, and exits from the service exit. By the time hardness flows out of the bed, the only undepleted resin near the service exit has mostly been depleted. This zone near the service exit is then regenerated with the very last of the brine which has already traveled through the entire resin bed.

With the Aquachamp Upflow Conditioner, meanwhile, the cleaning effort flows in the opposite direction of the service flow: The least depleted portion of the resin bed near the service exit receives the first brine, and the brine exits near the service water entrance. The concentrated wave of displaced hardness ions travels backwards through the bed as the regeneration progresses to completion. The service water entrance to the bed is the zone experiencing the strongest concentration of hardness ions and the last of the brine.

The complete Aquachamp product line is founded on innovations like these.


The Aquachamp product line has tens of thousands of satisfied families. That’s because all Aquachamp units are made with only top quality components, assembled with care in the USA. Each and every part, piece and component is backed with a complete factory warranty against defects.

  • Stronger Flow Rates–up to 43 gpm!
  • Clean, Soft Water Refill–for better brine saturation and a cleaner brine tank
  • Time of Day Backup–built-in super-capacitor maintains system data up to 12 hours after a power outtage.
  • Optical Technology–optical sensors control the backwash cycle for trustworthy, precise performance


Whether your water has taste, odor, color or other problems–the Aquachamp product line has the solution to provide the best quality water for your family. What’s more is that Aquachamp is installed, serviced and supported by only top quality Water Quality Association certified water treatment professionals. Aquachamp Dealers are armed with top-notch support and innovating solutions, factory-trained to address all of your water quality concerns. There’s nothing more important than water on Earth–and we all need it to live. Why not provide the best quality water to your family?

To get the most out of your water, Aquachamp products offer countless options, and unlimited versatility:

  • Plumbing connections ¾” to 1-¼”, threaded or sweat
  • Touchscreen controller includes two programmable relay outputs for both normally open and normally closed contacts
  • Large LCD touchscreen display allows for fully customizable experience–from cycle settings, to service reminder intervals, dealer contact information, Password lockout for added security
  • Loaded with detailed diagnostics: current flow rate; peak flow rate (can be reset); totalizer (can be reset); last regeneration; average daily usage; reserve remaining; number of regeneration cycles; regeneration interval

While most Aquachamp systems require only simple backwashing on a regular basis to maintain high quality water, when paired with an Aquachamp Filter, an Aquachamp Upflow Conditioner provides your family with the best possible water in an efficient and cost-saving system. For specific drinking water problems not corrected by a filter or conditioner system, your Aquachamp Dealer can provide information about a Reverse Osmosis drinking water system or Ultraviolet Light disinfection unit.