AquaChamp Filters

Filter systems tailored to your home.

Improve the taste of coffee, tea, and other drinks. Eliminate ugly stains in tubs and sinks. Enhance the flavor of prepared foods.

In some instances, hard water is not a factor in the quality of your water. Taste, odor, staining – these may be the problems you face. If so, you may need an AquaChamp Filter system to improve the quality of your water.

There are invisible, odorless, and tasteless contaminants you water which can be removed by an AquaChamp filter system using the right media.

Among the filter systems available are:

  • Carbon to remove taste and odor
  • Chloristat to remove chlorine, commonly found in city water supplies
  • Sulfastat to remove sulfur and the resulting “rotten egg” odor often found in well water

Your AquaChamp Dealer will test and evaluate your water to determine the right filter media for your home.