AquaChamp Water Softeners

Do you find a scaling build-up on faucets or shower heads?

Are clothes not quite as colorful as you expect when they come out of the laundry?

Do you find spots on your glasses and silverware?

Hard Water is the culprit!

The cause of these could be hard water. Hard water is water containing a concentration of minerals such as calcium or magnesium. You cannot see the minerals in the water but you do notice the effect.

  • Less than bright colors in your freshly laundered clothes
  • Spots on dishes, glasses and silverware
  • White, scaly deposits on faucets, showerheads and other fixtures
  • Your skin and hair are not soft and smooth after a shower
  • Hot water heaters that no longer heat water as when new

The AquaChamp improves the quality of your water. Through an ion exchange process, AquaChamp removes unwanted calcium or magnesium from your water. Passing hard water through salt-laden resin, the AquaChamp is fully automatic and operates with little or no activity on your part.

The AquaChamp System features counter-current technology, the most efficient method of softening water and regenerating the unitís ability to soften water. The AquaChamp features:

  • A state-of-the-art, programmable valve that adjusts regeneration according to your water usage
  • Easy to read, full status display
  • A super-capacitor for power outage back-up to maintain time-of-day and gallons-used information
  • Monitors last 28 days water usage to determine needed adjustments
  • High flow rates available
  • Greater efficiencies by applying counter-current technology and variable brining.
  • Limited lifetime warranty on your softener

The AquaChamp Water Softener uses less salt with self-adjusting brine level, self-adjusting brine treatment and continuous brining. Additionally, it uses less water by regenerating only exhausted resin and regenerating only when necessary.