About Duff Water Conditioning

Duff Water Conditioning, a division of the Duff Company, has been a leading supplier of water treatment equipment and systems for more than 20 years.

DWC approached a major manufacturer of softener and filter control valves to design a valve, specifically to DWC requirements, for the AquaChamp line of water treatment products.

The result is a unique, highly efficient water treatment system available from DWC only.

DWC utilizes the Duff Companyís 60-plus years of experience in the water market. Started in 1947, Duff has been a major source of plumbing and heating supplies. Expansion of the business took us into pumps and, eventually, water treatment.

A family owned and managed business, Duff was started in 1947 by our current presidentís father. Since then, our growth has been the result of a dedicated commitment to improving the quality of water in homes, businesses, and even manufacturing facilities.

AquaChamp, DWC and Duff are three names on which you can rely when you want to improve the quality of your water and protect your family.

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